Dear Akhi Zakir Naik…

Assalãmu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakãtuh(u).

Dear Akhi Zakir Naik, your “ma’lumah” (معلومة) about transliteration (in writing) and/or spelling of the phrase of ان شاء الله has draw attention of much Muslim/Muslimah, particularly in Indonesia and Malaysia, as far as I am concerned.

I appreciated your intension highly. But there is something that made me a little unhappy.

Your ma’lumah is now spreading in the internet and was read by many Muslim and Muslimah, especially in Indonesia who – as a matter of fact – most of them do not understand Arabic and, even, they don’t know Arabic letter too. Besides of this, the transliteration of Arabic into Bahasa Indonesia and Arabic into English is not the same.

So, for example, when you transliterate the phrase of ان شاء الله into English as in shaa Allah, we in Indonesia learned that the two united letter of s and h (sh) is the same with (match of) the letter of ص (shad) in Arabic, not the ش which we transliterated it as syin.

Besides of it, your correction was focused to the matter of how to write the phrase (ان شاء الله). While, on the other hand, ummah – especially the awwam – were need to know how to spell it correctly the way as native speeker do. So here is the problem! While you advise ummah to spell the phrase (ان شاء الله) correctly with their tongue, the ummah in Indonesia particularly, read the word of shaa as elongated صا) ص).

Well, as a matter a fact, it’s not you the one who is to be blamed! But your ma’lumah was misunderstood by much of the awwam in Indonesia…

One Response to “Dear Akhi Zakir Naik…”
  1. andryansyah says:

    waduh,,pak guru sy kg ngerti neh,,

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